Polo: Equine Warriors por Bob Tabor

Polo: Equine Warriors por Bob Tabor

Titulo del libro : Polo: Equine Warriors
Fecha de lanzamiento : July 16, 2013
Autor : Bob Tabor
Número de páginas : 132
ISBN : 1851497242
Editor : ACC Distribution

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Bob Tabor con Polo: Equine Warriors

.An extraordinary photographic homage to the polo pony, illuminating its unique athletic abilities and highlighting its elegance and beauty Polo: Equine Warriors is a stunning coffee table photography book that brings to life the inner psyche of the polo pony. Trained and bred for courage, strength, speed and agility, polo ponies also maintain an incredible beauty and elegance. Freeing themselves from the herd mentality, these animals transform into individual, responsive athletes, no longer a part of the pack like their ancestors. Understand how they evolve into highly competitive beings willing to crash into other horses, unafraid of a ball speeding along at 110 miles per hour or mallets swinging past their heads. These trained athletes have been captured in photographs stylized in a way never seen before in print. By taking the fine art of watercolor paint and combining it with graphic print techniques the reader is immersed in an exciting, emotional experience. Renowned polo players, trainers, psychologists and handlers, have all written insightful short essays on the equine polo warrior."

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