Rockwell (Tashen Portfolio) por Norman Rockwell, Taschen

Rockwell (Tashen Portfolio) por Norman Rockwell, Taschen

Titulo del libro : Rockwell (Tashen Portfolio)
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 1, 2006
Autor : Norman Rockwell, Taschen
Número de páginas : 32
ISBN : 3822848131
Editor : Taschen

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Norman Rockwell, Taschen con Rockwell (Tashen Portfolio)

Unlock the secrets to this creative genius though this entertaining and enlightening images. TASCHEN's Diaries are beautiful to look at, sexy to touch and easy to use. A new picture every week, every week a new page. With year planners, and all national holidays. Spiral–bound, it opens flat. The perfect diary for the year you make it happen.

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