Two Moments: Zwei Momente por RJ. Rana

Two Moments: Zwei Momente por RJ. Rana

Titulo del libro : Two Moments: Zwei Momente
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 27, 2016
Autor : RJ. Rana
Número de páginas : 136

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RJ. Rana con Two Moments: Zwei Momente

Charlie McLaren believed he had it all: a good job, time to himself, and a dream vacation on the horizon. When that dream vacation leads to an encounter like no other, Charlie soon finds himself behind bars and pining for the life he once had and the love he may never know again.

Left unconscious following a brutal attack, Anca believes her life will soon be over, but a stranger – strong, handsome and kind beyond words – comes to her rescue. That unselfish act, however, will lead to a deeper heartache, more pain for both of them.

That chance encounter between Charlie and Anca changes everything for them. What should have been an opportunity for hope soon becomes something that will destroy both of them and leave one scrambling to pick up the pieces and make sense of it all, but there is someone else also suffering.

A daughter was born never knowing who her father was and loathing him at the same time. Now, he’s back, but any hope of forging a relationship is lost. Just as he did her mother, Charlie does whatever it takes to save her and to fix their broken relationship at the same time.

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