Mensch: Beyond the Cones por Jonathan Harding

Mensch: Beyond the Cones por Jonathan Harding

Titulo del libro : Mensch: Beyond the Cones
Autor : Jonathan Harding

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Jonathan Harding con Mensch: Beyond the Cones

WHAT SETS MODERN GERMAN COACHING APART?Germany has a reputation for being one of the best places for young footballers of all nationalities to develop, but what about those in the dugout? Speaking to different coaches and members of staff across the country, Mensch outlines attributes that modern German coaching embraces to succeed.From the practical aspects on the training ground to the collective strength of the coaching community, some of the smartest minds in the game take you closer to understanding the human aspects required to nurture young professionals. Germany’s model is not perfect and constantly evolving so there’s also a look at what should bethe next step for Germany’s coaching after a disastrous 2018 World Cup.As English players look to Germany to further their own careers, Mensch looks at what the wider football world canlearn from a country and a coaching culture so clearly in love with the beautiful game.

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